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3 Easy Steps to Instantly Receive Money in Canada

Step 1 - Purchase your e-debit money card from any one of our 600+ site locations or online here - (Suggested Retail Price - $2.50)

Step 2 - Phone or e-mail your sender your e-debit money card number and/or your designated GL ID# within your card mailer.

Step 3 - You will receive a text/SMS/e-mail or phone confirmation when your funds are available from your sender. Go to the on-site e-debit ATM payout terminal and insert your card, enter your PIN and withdraw your Cash.

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Instantly Send or Receive Money in Canada at any one of our 600+ Canadian e-debit payout and sales locations

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Immediately Send Money to Almost Everywhere in Canada!

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4 Easy Steps to Instantly Send Money in Canada 


Step 1 - Click on Send Money

Step 2 - Enter Sender Information

Step 3 - Enter Recipient Information

Step 4 - Select Payment Method